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We offer a straight 30 days warranty from the date the part is delivered to you. If the part/parts ordered and in any event is not needed, there will be 25% Restocking fees and one way shipping cost. The rest will be refunded. Star autoparts does not pay for return shipment if the part is defective. The customer is responsible to ship the part back with his/her expense and this is not reimbursed. Star autoparts does not cover LABOR COST under any circumstance.


Parts must be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery for refunds. If beyond 30 days, there will be a 25% Restocking fees applicable. Parts ordered for testing or trial purpose will not be available for return. Partial parts will not be taken back for refund. Every part we sell is uniquely marked with our own specification. Any part that is returned without its original form (Excluding the shipping damage) the refund will not be processed. Any return, must be processed only after a phone call to us and a RMA, without which, the returns will not be accepted and the shipment will be refused. Returning the part is customer’s responsibility and a return tracking number must be provided. Once the RMA is sent, the part must be returned within 7 business days. Once the part is returned, we will be happy to send a replacement or issue a full refund on the original purchase price. The refund will be processed to the accounts team, after inspection and verification of the part returned.


The parts that are shipped initially is Bourne by the company and we do not charge our customers for non- freight items. Once the part is shipped and if not accepted by the customer, or simply refused, there will be a 25% restocking fees. If the part is damaged during shipping from our side, Star Autoparts takes care of the claim with the shipping company. Similarly, if the part shipped by the customer to our location and is damaged during transit, the customer is liable for all the losses and there will be no refund or a partial refund will be issued based on the severity of the damage Any freight item that is being shipped, the customer must and should have a business address at a commercial location. Else, any business address should have access to a 16 or 18 wheeler trucks.

Customers are obliged to have any sort of unloading material to unload the freight from the truck. If the unloading material is provided from the shipping company, Star Autoparts has the rights to charge the customers $125 from their account. Once the part is dispatched for delivery, the customer is obliged to be present at the location for acceptance. If this is skipped, the customer must pick the part from the nearest terminal or upon agreement, the customer will pay $110 for reschedule. If a part is being shipped to Canada, the customer is liable for a border fees which amounts to 30-40 percent of the cost of the part. This cost is to the government and this is non-refundable.

(Please note: The amount for Canadian customer will be charged on the current USD exchange)

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